Biya grants audience to the Vice President of Havas Group 0

President Biya has granted audience to Stephane Fouks, Vice President of the Havas Group (a multinational advertising and public relations company) on Friday, the 11th of November 2016.  Biya and his guest evaluated the impact of the International Economic Conference, which was organized recently in Yaounde. In an exchange with journalists after the audience, Stephane Fouks said his host focused on the exploration of new channels to attract international investors to Cameroon.

The media mogul revealed that the Head of State insisted on the need to effectively implement the resolutions of the economic conference. Mr. Fouks shared President Paul Biya’s optimism that these measures shall greatly improve Cameroon’s perception internationally. “Despite its challenges, Cameroon continues to march towards development when compared to other countries in the region,” he said.

It should be noted that Cameroon hosted, in May 2016, an international investors’ conference, under the theme: “Investing in Cameroon, Land of Attractiveness”. The objective was to secure international investments in the industrialization of agricultural products, the exploitation of raw materials and the development of information and communications technologies (ICTs).

However, foreign investors are not responding due to the political situation in the country. With an 83 year old leader and a senate and house of assembly packed with men and women above 70 years of age, the issue of succession is disturbing to some economists.