Biya in Europe amid strife in Cameroon 0

President Paul Biya left Cameroon on Sunday for “a brief stay” in Europe amidst growing global indignation over human rights abuses in the country.

The crisis in the English speaking western part of the country is causing outrage from the United Nations to the sports fields and movie theatres as social influencers also demand intervention.

“This is genocide and we are acting like it does not matter. African leaders keep acting like the presidency is the birthright or inheritance,” Nollywood Stella Damasus tweeted on June 18, in an attempt to raise awareness on the civil war in Cameroon that appears to be passing under the international radar.

Under the hashtag #helpcameroon Ms Damasus pleaded with “everyone who has social media and can type a message” to spread the word.

“People are dying, babies are being killed please. We can put a post on our pages and condemn this,” she wrote, asking people with connections with the UN or any agency to “reach out to them and speak out.”

The actress’ was not a lone voice.

Source: The East African