Biya mocks anti social network cabinet ministers 0

Biya has made a mockery of his cabinet ministers who have been clamoring for a ban on social media. The Cameroonian leader and his wife during a reception on Thursday at the Etoudi Palace in honor of the indomitable Lionesses, finalists of the 10th edition of the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations appeared in a different light alongside the indomitable Lionesses and went into selfie frenzy.

The 83 year old dictator took the selfie all smiles and full of energy and under the watchful eyes of ministers hostile to social networks. Alongside the female football players, Biya and his wife had many selfies that has reportedly aroused reactions of admiration even among the fiercest critics of the regime.  Questions are now being asked if it was a kind of political communication or a simple seduction operation.


By Kingsley Ebong in Yaounde