Biya Olembe Stadium: A new job for the Italian ambassador 0

The Italian Company, Piccini that won the contract for the construction of the sixty thousand-seat capacity Stadium in Olembe-Yaounde has reassured authorities that the football infrastructure will be ready by October 2018. The officials of the Italian Company, Piccini and the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon, made the declaration on Monday 17th July 2017 during a press briefing at the Italian Embassy in Yaoundé.

The Italian Ambassador to Cameroon, Samuela Isopi and the Architect of the structure, Eloy Suarez elaborately detailed how the company intends to proceed. In the three hour briefing, Her Excellency Samuela Isopi dispelled rumors and reports that the company charged with the construction of the football facility were not competent to do the job.

The Italian Ambassador undertook to organize a regular briefing to update the press on the progress of work. The Architect, Eloy Suarez stated emphatically that the structure will be delivered in eighteen months. Mr. Suarez said most of the work in the site will consist of assembling the pre-cast equipment; over 60 per cent of parts of the building will be produced in Italy and transported to Cameroon through the Kribi port in order to gain time.

He explained that the facility will be constructed using the latest technology and state of art equipment in conformity with FIFA standards. The Project Director, Marc Debandt for his part stated that work will accelerate in the days ahead with the complete arrival of material from Italy.

The Chargé de Mission, Gabriel Ngaha said the FCFA 160 billion allotted for the construction has been made available, there are consequently no issues relative to late payments as reported by some press organs and the social media. During the briefing, the press learnt more about the Italian company Piccini that has been entrusted with the Paul Biya Omnisport Staduim at Olembe.

It is a company with a thirty year experience that has realized outstanding projects including the construction of the Juventus Stadium in Italy, one of the best in the world, the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Anthens, the Olympic Stadium in Rome that was used for the 1990 World Cup and many more.

Source: CRTV