Biya regime does not publish all budget documents as required by law 0

A report by Cameroon’s General Budget Directorate (DGB) found that the government has not published all budgetary, accounting and financial information for FY2022 as required by law.

Of the 57 documents expected, DGB counted 42 (73.48%) published on its website and only 6 on the website of the Ministry of Finance. “The main shortcomings identified regarding the publication timetable of public finance statistics during FY2022 remain essentially: the non-updating of the websites of some administrations; the lack of publication of documents on dedicated sites despite multiple reminders; the slow flow of information,” explains the DGB.

However, “the publication of comprehensive information on public finances is a legal obligation that also constitutes an educational action of the State towards the citizens,” the Budget Directorate pointed out. This obligation is contained in the law of July 11, 2018, on the code of transparency and good governance in public finance management in Cameroon. Article 47 states that “the administration shall take all necessary measures to publish information that covers all budgetary and extra-budgetary activities, within the time limits set by regulation.”

In line with this provision, the Ministry of Finance sets the timetable for the release of public finance information at the beginning of each fiscal year. For FY 2023, the DGB announces that quarterly reports on the monitoring of this calendar will be produced and awareness among the departments concerned will be increased.

Source: Business in Cameroon