Biya regime fears Ambazonia Interim Government, wants to keep Southern Cameroons in chaos 0

The Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima says the French Cameroun regime in Yaoundé is the party spending millions of US dollars in a bid to prevent any intervention by the international community as barons of the regime are massively benefitting from the war in Southern Cameroons.

Vice President Dabney Yerima made the comments at a media briefing in South Africa on Monday, reacting to news that the Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Canadian House of Commons on Foreign Affairs and International Development heard from witnesses who gave Members of Parliament an update on the conflict between the Francophone Government of Cameroon and the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons that has been escalating since 2016.

The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Gov ernment said “the Biya French Cameroun regime is the party the most worried about any international intervention and it is doing all it can to block any European Union or United Nations fact finding mission.”

Yerima told a cream of journalists in the Rainbow nation via zoom that the “Insecurity in Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia is of great benefit to the corrupt French Cameroun government and military officials, and on the basis that the French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya is 88-years-old and suffering from dementia, the French Cameroun criminals are adopting deceptive measures to prevent the establishment of peace in the two Cameroons.”

Elsewhere in his comments, Vice President Yerima said Southern Cameroonians will get to Buea and French Cameroun political elites are well aware.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from SABC