Biya regime further stifles democracy as Christopher Fomunyoh banned from holding a press conference 0

The Francophone Sub-prefect of Yaounde I, has forbidden a public meeting organised in honour of Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh. The senior Anglophone Cameroon citizen was scheduled to meet the press on Wednesday the 30th of August 2017 in the nation’s capital Yaounde, when it was revealed to him and his entourage that the press conference has been banned.

In a poorly worded document that was handed to an aide of the Special Representative of the National Democratic Institute, the Sub Divisional Officer stated that “I have the honour to inform you that despite a benevolent review of your request, it has not been possible for me to give a favourable response.”

The French Cameroun civil administrator further pointed out in his correspondence to Dr. Fomunyoh that the press conference organized by a group of media gurus represents a threat to public security.

Ever since the beginning of the Southern Cameroons revolution that has cast a shadow of doubt on President Biya’s continued stay in power, several public meetings of opposition figures have been banned by Francophone administrative authorities, unlike those organized by those close to the regime who are supervised by the police.

By Eyong Johnson
Cameroon Concord News