Biya regime massacre to be met with matching response 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government vowed that Yaoundé’s recent massacre of Southern Cameroons Self Defense commanders and their family members in both the Northern and Southern Zones will be met with a matching response.

Dr Patrick Ayuk, a special adviser to Vice President Dabney Yerima, made the comments in an interview with Cameroon Concord News on Thursday in London.

The Southern Cameroons academic stated that “what is currently going on in the rural areas of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is a massive crime against innocent people, against humanity, against all the people of Southern Cameroons, and, therefore, this requires that there be retaliation, which is to the level of this massacre.”

Dr Patrick Ayuk’s remark came as the Ambazonia Interim Government is preparing to hold an international conference to evaluate the state of the Southern Cameroons revolution.

The Cameroon government military has assassinated several high-ranking Amba commanders loyal to the Ambazonia Interim Government in a series of targeted strikes throughout Southern Cameroons.

Dr Patrick Ayuk warned that all Southern Cameroons restoration groups were to join each other in delivering the response to French Cameroun and it is expected to be a very strong, comprehensive and united retaliation.

He noted that the Biya French Cameroun regime was already bracing itself for the reprisal that will intensify on October 1.

Asked if there were any room for negotiation with the occupying French Cameroun regime towards a resolution of the situation in Ground Zero, Dr Patrick Ayuk said, “Absolutely not…since the Francophone military and its backers have continued this war and have closed all the phone lines in the face of mediators such as Archbishop Mbarga and Archbishop Andrew Nkea.”

By Toto Roland Motuba