Biya regime preparing for a second round of negotiations with President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe 0

President Biya and his French Cameroun political elites are preparing for a second round of negotiations with the leader of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his top aides detained at the Kondengui High Security Prison in Yaoundé. But this time around the regime in Yaoundé needs to get things done and done in a hurry!

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the Biya regime is negotiating with ammo in its pockets and the Francophone dominated government has awarded its army a hefty budget increase.

President Biya’s chief of staff and other senior members of government have reportedly complicated all steps towards reconciliation with the people of Southern Cameroons and pushed the conflict to play into the hands of government hardliners. However, recent Russia troop’s deployment to the Central African Republic has sent panic signals to Yaoundé.

The Central African Republic (CAR) recently declared that Russia and Rwanda have deployed hundreds of troops to the nation following an alleged French sponsored military coup plot ahead of this week’s key presidential and legislative elections.

Russia has sent several hundred soldiers and heavy weapons” within the framework of a bilateral cooperation agreement, CAR’s government spokesman Ange Maxime Kazagui announced on Monday, adding,  “The Rwandans have also sent several hundred men who are on the ground and have started fighting,”

A number of planes from Russia, an ally of CAR’s President Faustin-Archange Touadera, landed in the country over the weekend, Reuters reported Monday, citing unidentified sources.

The presence of Russian troops in the Central African Republic is an indication that France is slowly but surely losing its grip on the CEMAC region. Correspondingly, the Cameroon Francophone army over the last four years has been struggling to find a way out of the war in Southern Cameroons with a Commander-in-Chief who continues to rely on a small set of generals and military advisors from his Beti-Ewondo tribal extraction.

By Isong Asu and Chi Prudence Asong