Biya regime seeking to create chaos in Southern Cameroons 0

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé has been trying to create chaos deep within the Ambazonia liberation struggle in order to keep its occupying forces in the territory and destroy the Southern Cameroons Interim Government.

An Ambazonian commander in the Lebialem County said on Thursday that the time to take the battle to the enemy territory has arrived.  He also hinted that news of unnecessary confusion, conflict, distrust, animosity and discouragement within the resistance was troubling Interim President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his aides.

In a message addressed to the people of Southern Cameroons late last year, the wives of the detained Ambazonian leaders revealed the enemy’s determination to decapitate the leadership of the revolution by inserting their agents within the revolution with the purpose of implementing counter revolutionary measures and to destabilise the revolution and sow seeds of discord amongst Southern Cameroonians.

Cameroon Concord News understands the general opinion on Ground Zero is that if the Interim Government falls, chaos, repression and resentment will follow.  The French Cameroun army has been waging war against Southern Cameroons civilians and businesses in a bid to bring about chaos and hardship and weaken the resistance.

We gathered from a senior security official in Buea that the appointment of Chief Dion Ngute as Prime Minister has instead angered Ambazonians from the Southern Zone. “Appointing Dion Ngute is a continuation of the French Cameroun policy of implementing  their divide and rule strategy on Southern Cameroonians so that Biya and his gang will be able to maintain French Cameroun occupying forces and have a reason that it uses to legitimate this occupation” our source noted.

By Rita Akana and Sama Ernest