Biya regime warns Bafia Diocese of severe options over remains of late Bishop Balla 0

The Biya regime has threatened the pastoral leadership of the Diocese of Bafia over the remains of the late Bishop Balla brutally murdered recently. The administrator of the Diocese of Bafia, Vicar General Abraham Kome has been told that he will be held accountable if the late Bishop’s body is not collected from a mortuary in Yaoundé.

The letter from the judicial police comes after an earlier declaration from the attorney general of the Center region that the remains had long been handed over to the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ever since the Bishop was assassinated, Catholics in Cameroon have been tirelessly trying to save their Church from the effects of a regime whose intimidation, killings of numerous clergies and bullying have harmed many.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News