Biya reshuffle military positions after Gabon coup 0

As coups continue to spread on the African continent, some leaders are taking proactive steps by reshuffling defense portfolios.

On Wednesday, 90-year old President Paul Biya made major changes to the country’s ministry of defense.

Among the posts reshuffled were the delegation at the presidency in charge of defense, air force staff, navy, and the police. A captain and two army colonels were appointed to head operations in the presidential guard and report directly to the presidency.

The Biya decree also restructured the Secretariat for Defense (SED) and the National Gendarmerie.  Prominent among the new officers appointed by the 90-year-old are Colonel Chimala Jonas and Lieutenant –Colonel Boum Mbadi Louis Charles.

Biya came to power in 1982. His early years on the saddle were marred by reports of oppression and human rights violations.

Although he subsequently allowed multiparty elections in the country, the 90-year-old has remained president since he rode to power.

By Asu Isong with files from The Cable.Ng