Biya responsible for ongoing conflicts in the two Cameroons 0

A high-ranking official from the Ambazonia Interim Government has held the Biya Francophone dominated regime primarily responsible for the creation and continuation of the crises in French and Southern Cameroons.

Biya and his so-called French Cameroun political elites are behind the tragedies and instability in the Ambazonia homeland. Ever since the armed resistance started, Yaoundé has been creating conflicts among Southern Cameroons groups, carrying out attacks and backing Atanga Nji Boys,” Professor Carlson Anyangwe told Cameroon Concord News late on Sunday.

The senior aide to Vice President Dabney Yerima also blamed the Francophone community for supporting the corrupt regime in French Cameroun in igniting the war in Southern Cameroons.

Yaoundé is responsible for the war in Southern Cameroons and all the repercussions it is now having on the Ambazonian people,” Carlson Anyangwe pointed out.

Anyangwe went on to denounce the disunity and unhealthy rivalry that rocked the Ambazonia Interim Government, stating that the measures taken by Vice President Dabney Yerima have helped in stabilizing the leadership issue.

Dabney Yerima will never support corrupt front line leaders who pursue their interests and by extrapolation the interest of the occupying French Cameroun regime,” Professor Anyangwe concluded.

By Isong Asu