Biya should retire happily in 2018 0

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement is already in the field campaigning for 2018. Clarion calls have been made for the 83 year old dictator to run again for president. Cameroon Intelligence Report can reveal these CPDM outdated gorilla tactics have not gone down well with the international community. As pressure continues to mount on President Biya, the French including the Americans are reportedly preparing a plan B that will see an end to the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime. Recently in Yaounde the nation’s capital, mixed reviews and opinions have been expressed by certain political scientists, sociologists, teachers and other academic experts including people on the know. The general feeling remains that anyone who likes Mr Biya can only wish him a happy retirement. We of this publication agree that at nearly 83 years of age and 34 years in power, President Biya no longer has the physical and moral capacity to manage the country. His 2035 Emergence Plan is already crumbling in front of his own watchful eyes. Nothing is happening with the roads he announced he was building, nothing is happening to the football stadiums he said will be ready before the female African Cup of Nations, nothing has improved with state pensions, the banking sector, health and the judiciary. Going beyond 2018 is not a priority for a people who do not have even basic needs.

Some have opined that President Biya should reject these calls coming from these political sycophants and cronies of his ruling CPDM claiming it represents an identity that illustrates men and women hungry for power. Cameroon Intelligence Report’s chief political editor observed that Biya should allow other Cameroonians brave like him to take control. To be sure, President Biya must withdraw to preserve his dignity as one of the greatest statesman the continent ever known.

It will be hard for President Biya at 83 to provide a genuine political solution to the major concern before the elections in 2018 which is to establish the essential devices for credible elections.  Instead of calling on  Mr. Biya to run in 2018 or call for earlier presidential poll, the Francophone Beti Ewondo regime needs to open a transition program, rewrite the constitution and give the country a fair and equitable electoral law as well as strengthen the civil society. Biya and his regime have too many unfinished projects in the last 34 years and everyone Cameroonian including highly placed members of the ruling elites now understand that age is telling on him and these projects will not be realized during the upcoming seven years. We call on President Paul Biya to retire happily.  A word to a wise is sufficient.