Biya: the ’embarasser-in-chief’ 0

For many years now, many Cameroonians, especially those in the Diaspora, are being considered as those who are hurting the country’s reputation because of their call for a regime change in Cameroon.

The Yaoundé government, which has been struggling to project itself as being progressive and responsible, has been facing tough challenges from its Diaspora.

In North America, the Southern Cameroonian Diaspora is doing its best to give the beleaguered Yaoundé government a really big and bad name.

There are more than two million Southern Cameroonians in North America and they are not sparing any opportunity when it comes to demonstrating that the Yaoundé government led by the 90-year-old president, Paul Biya, is the worst thing that has ever happened to the country.

Recently in Washington DC, demonstrators bearing the Southern Cameroonian flag and public address systems brought the world’s attention to the bloody massacres being committed in the country’s two English-speaking regions during the US-AFRICA Leaders Summit held in the US capital.

Though uninvited, the demonstrators made sure their opinion was heard. They chanted songs depicting Mr. Biya as the architect of the bloody political and economic mess in Cameroon.

But it was Mr. Biya himself who actually stole the show in Washington DC. His mental confusion made many African leaders to ask if he was actually capable of running the country.

In a video which has really gone viral, Mr. Biya’s dementia was put on display for all to see. Mr. Biya confused questions in a high-level meeting were testimonies to his senility.

In another video, despite the tons of steroids he took in Geneva before heading to the US, Mr. Biya could not even get out of his own car and was bundled out of the car like a baby in diapers.

No Cameroonian is hurting the country’s reputation like the country’s senile president who has made up his mind to die in power though he is no longer effective as a leader.

His behavior has made many in Cameroon to view him as the country’s “embarasser-in-chief.”

Many Cameroonians are very disappointed with Mr. Biya who was supposed to have transformed the country into an earthly El-Dorado.

The country’s economy has taken a nose-dive, leaving millions in a dire situation. The rate of unemployment is unprecedented, causing many young Cameroonians to look outward in search of opportunities.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai