Biya to visit China 1

The Chinese leader, XI Jinging has invited President Biya to Peking.  Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered the invitation was transmitted to the 84 year-old dictator on Friday the 3rd of March by the Chinese ambassador to Cameroon, Wei. Wien. It will be the sixth visit of the Cameroonian chief executive to China after those of March 1987, October 1993, September 2003, November 2006 and July 2011.

In an audience held at Unity Palace, the Chinese envoy said the visit will be held on a mutually convenient date.  The Chinese ambassador said that “China intends to work with Cameroon to carry on the Sino-Cameroonian strategic cooperation at a higher level in order to contribute more to the well-being of our two peoples”.

It must be said that the Sino-Cameroonian relationship goes back more than 45 years. The various areas of cooperation include hydroelectric projects, improved drinking water supply, agriculture, culture and armaments. On the economic front, China is Cameroon’s largest trading partner and Cameroon is “the second largest African beneficiary of Chinese financing.

Cameroon Intelligence Report