Biya’s cabinet ministers spend 350 billion FCFA annually on ordinary missions and trips to Europe 1

President Paul Biya’s numerous travels abroad including those of his collaborators has recently generated a debate throughout the national territory. It has now been revealed that whenever the head of state makes a trip abroad, some of his close acolytes also leave the country to meet him.

The foreign trips of certain Cameroon ministers and general managers of state-owned corporations are exhausting the coffers of the State. Highly placed officials in the ministry of finance were heard saying privately that most of the missions to Europe, US and Canada are often fictitious. They include expensive holidays, unproductive seminars and personal business trips.

An economic survey found that each year, cabinet ministers, GMs, and other top aides of the regime spend 350 billion FCFA on ordinary missions and trips in Europe, America, Asia and South Africa-an amount that can develop tourism and attract foreigners to Cameroon,

Whenever President Paul Biya goes abroad, some of his collaborators also leave the country to meet him. These ministers and GMs communion with the Head of State and share a meal with the First Lady and her children. This protocol strategy pushes some to improvise trips to Europe whenever the President of the Republic moves and others try to corrupt the Civil Cabinet with millions of CFA francs to be able to speak to the president.

The members of the Biya cabinet and other prominent state personalities are the main actors of illegality, social inequalities and embezzlement. They are also aware that the regime they serve is taking the last kicks of a dying horse. Thus many are taking advantage of the numerous movements of President Paul Biya to Europe to get there at the expense of the state leaving behind loads of files on their ministerial tables.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai