Biya’s efforts to regain lost power in Ambazonia will never come true 0

A Southern Cameroons commander in Lebialem has said that the Biya dream of restoring French Cameroun lost power in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in cooperation with Nigeria’s ailing Buhari will never come true. “The Biya Francophone regime, in cooperation with the corrupt Buhari administration in Nigeria, is trying to restore its power in Southern Cameroons,” the Red Dragons commander in Menji told Cameroon Intelligence Report.

The Red Dragons senior military figure whose name we are withholding further referred to the Nigerian President Buhari’s role in the crisis, saying Buhari is forcefully repatriating Southern Cameroonians to be slaughtered on the pretext that they serve Nigeria’s strategic interests and stability in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Red Dragons chief says the Biya and the French Cameroun army have failed in all the plots they hatched to advance their own agenda in Southern Cameroons. The war between Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun began last year with the French Cameroun army launching onslaught against Southern Cameroons towns and villages as well as the positions of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces. The war has resulted in the burning down of some one hundred villages and the deaths of over 4,000 Southern Cameroons civilians.

Some 1400 Cameroon government army soldiers have also been killed during the fighting. Yaounde has not realized that it cannot bully Southern Cameroons into submission and has rejected calls for inclusive and genuine dialogue with the Ambazonian Interim Government.

The recent French Cameroun military aggression against the Red Dragons of Lebialem saw several French Cameroun soldiers killed and several others injured. The UN, the EU and the AU have all undermined regional stability by taking a hard line in favour of the Biya Francophone regime and against Ambazonians.

By Chi Prudence Asong