Biya’s policies fanning the flames of terrorism in Southern Cameroons 0

Jails in French Cameroun have become incubators of extremist and radical behaviour in Southern Cameroons, Cameroon Concord News Group has learnt. The Biya Francophone regime has repeatedly ignored calls for inclusive dialogue and has continued with its policy of arbitrary arrest of Southern Cameroonians in a bid to stifle the Ambazonia revolution.

We can now reveal that hundreds of innocent Southern Cameroonian civilians arrested ever since the inception of the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon and convicted for terrorism-related activities were detained in overcrowded and squalid prison facilities in French Cameroun where thousands of anti President Biya inmates are held.

A Francophone baron of the ruling CPDM party noted that the politics behind the crisis in Southern Cameroons is playing into the hands of corrupt military leaders deep within the Biya Beti Ewondo regime.

He added that many Southern Cameroonians detained in Douala and Yaoundé become extremists because they mostly end up in circles of anti Biya regime officials in New Bell Prison and in the Kondengui High Security prison in Yaoundé.

Meanwhile the joint trial of 10 Ambazonian leaders continues today in Yaoundé. The Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his senior aides have been charged with secession and terror-related crimes. They made their first appearance before the military court on December 6, but the trial was adjourned until today because the state submitted their witness list unduly late.

Cameroon Concord News Group understands that President Ayuk Julius Tabe appeared today in the Yaoundé Military Tribunal dressed in the official Ambazonia regalia- the grassland identity which has become a trademark in the international stage depicting the people of Southern Cameroons.

At the time of fling this report, information filtered that the Biya regime has ordered a change in the trial judges of the court after Cameroon Concord News Group denounced the tribunal as a Beti Bulu traditional council. We gathered that Colonel Mem Michel has now been appointed to replace Col. Abega Eko Eko for the Ambazonia affair to resume.

By Chi Prudence Asong