Biya’s Southern Cameroons War bringing Ambazonians together: IG 0

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia says French Cameroun’s actions have eventually served in bolstering ties among all the Southern Cameroons restoration groups. The Ambazonia Communications Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu made the remarks on Tuesday via an audio message in which he clarified the Interim Government’s stance on the resumption of schools in Southern Cameroons.

Chris Anu said the front line leaders of powerful Ambazonian liberation groups came together in Washington and reached the conclusion that the independence of Ambazonia is non-negotiable.  The Ambazonian government spokesman noted that French Cameroun government military actions against Southern Cameroons civilian population show that every Ambazonian including the pro Biya comedians of the defunct South West and North West must rethink their relations with French Cameroun, and that Biya Francophone’s war on Southern Cameroons has helped greatly to bring Ambazonians both at home and abroad together.

Last week, the Ambazonian Interim Government said in a statement that recent unilateral steps taken by the so-called South West and North West political elites in support of the genocide currently going on in Southern Cameroons were politically-motivated by Yaoundé and could serve to ultimately bolster attacks against those West Cameroon CPDM corrupt officials.  The Biya Francophone regime and the Anglophone CPDM political elites are entangled in a dispute over the organization of the upcoming presidential elections in Southern Cameroons.

Ambazonian restoration forces have taken the independence war to the economic front, adopting a series of sabotage measures against French Cameroun business interest in Southern Cameroons, including banning the sale of French products deep within the Ambazonian territory.

Over the last six months, some of the country’s major state corporations which are great money spinners have had to deal with the angst of Southern Cameroonian fighters who are determined to bring the country’s economy to its knees.

Corporations such as PAMOL and CDC all require a shot in the arm, but the cash-strapped government of Yaoundé is incapable of providing the much-needed infusion. Priming the pump of these corporations will require huge amounts of money. PAMOL has completely shot down due to increased disruption by Southern Cameroonian fighters.

Some 3,000 PAMOL workers have been rendered jobless and the corporation’s equipment is gradually rotting. Some of the palm oil production corporation’s facilities have been burned down and threats from Southern Cameroonian fighters actually made some of the workers to throw in the towel even before the corporation announced its bankruptcy.

For the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), its operation capacity has been diminished over the last seven months. Ghost town operations and violence against its workers have made it hard for the country’s second largest employer to operate at full capacity.

The separatists’ economic sabotage is actually producing the desired effect as the government has seen some of its revenue streams diminishing.  With many workers laid off from these two large corporations, the government has also witnessed a huge tax base erosion. The loss of more than 3,000 workers from these two corporations implies that income taxes paid to the government have diminished.

By Chi Prudence Asong and Kingsley Betek