Blood and tears dropping from the eyes of Southern Cameroonians – Biya the devil’s favorite demon? 0

Blood and tears dropping from the eyes of Southern Cameroonians – Biya the devil’s favorite demon?

By Gerald Atem Asong

Michigan – USA.

 In our modern world; the twenty first century to be precise, we tend to see governments as protectors of the rights and freedom of their people. Just as this is seen in many countries around the world and even some African countries, Cameroon is and has always been a country wherein the government is more of a monster or an agent of evil. The government of Cameroon which is headed by Biya who has been in power for more 30 years knows nothing but evil. Is he the devil’s favourite demon? His contribution and total involvement in the killing and murdering of Southern Cameroonians in a fierce and cruel manner earns him a place at the devil’s right hand. It is not surprising to coin this government and all those involved with it as the devil’s favourite demons.

The ongoing crisis in Cameroon didn’t start last year 2016. This is a problem that has been accumulating for more than 50 something years (56). For about 56 years, Southern Cameroonians have seen nothing else but carnage, bloody killings and murdering of Southern Cameroon and Southern Cameroonians. Before you ask me when these took place, let me explain. There is no better way of explaining or describing the eradication of the culture of a people;the institutions of a people. Before Southern Cameroons joined La Republique in February 11, 1961 after the plebiscite, we had a way of life. We had a language, an educational system, banks, airports, agricultural institutions that helped the people sustain life but after we joined La Republique, everything vanished. Our people have been rendered helpless for all these years. No sound education because at the end of it all, there are no jobs. French teachers are teaching in English schools, our law system has been adulterated. Institutions like the marketing board that helped poor farmers is non – existence. Anyone who decides to speak up and speak out is dragged to jail without trial. So many have been killed for fighting for freedom. What an agenda to wipe out a people from the universal? When people like Adolf Hitler set out to ethnic cleansed the Jewish people, there is no other way to quantify his actions because that was outright demonic. The plan of Biya and his predecessor Adhijo has been to exterminate or obliterate a people (Southern Cameroonians) and their culture. Southern Cameroonians live in a country with little or no voice, they beg for everything from Biya’s regime as slaves. They are mistreated, maltreated and silenced when they raise their voice. This is happening because the goal is to get rid of these people (Southern Cameroonians) and the government isn’t going to stop until it achieves its goals.

When Southern Cameroonians cry, blood drops because the pain is severe, they are hard pressed on every side and they have nowhere to go. Southern Cameroonians have been abandoned, they have been crying for more than 50 years to be liberated from the chains, shackles, fetters and dungeon of Biya’s regime. Those who couldn’t stand the heat for too long travelled abroad for greener pasture. How green are the greener pastures abroad? When Southern Cameroonians abroad are being treated as slaves in Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and you name the rest. When these brothers and sisters are being, brain drained in America, Britain, Germany, France and other western countries. I know someone will be quick to say not only Southern Cameroonians are running away from the hardship and absent of fundamental human rights in Cameroon. But it is well documented that, majority of Cameroonians out of Cameroon are Southern Cameroonians. This is telling; it is a clear evident of marginalisation, it is a clear proof of an attempt to assimilate a people into another culture and way of life. It is a clear indication of a master plan orchestrated by the devil himself and passed down to his favourite demon (Biya) for execution. Southern Cameroonians love their country (Southern Cameroons), they want to go back to their country but with the status quo, they have no future, their children have no future. When a government sets out to do away with everything a people (Southern Cameroons) have as a country, then the intention of that government is to colonise or enslave the people of that country. This is what Biya has been doing since he took office.

Some Southern Cameroonians who decided to protest even before October 2016, have been arbitrarily arrested, jailed and accused of terrorism; isn’t that laughable? Where in the world are people being arrested and tortured, maimed for calling out an evil and barbaric government? Only in countries like Cameroon.The cosmetic release of some of the Southern Cameroons leaders is widely known. Everyone is aware of the fact that it is just window dressing. Because the government wants schools to reopen after almost a year of no school – the decision by the government to release some of our leaders with the aim of appeasing Southern Cameroonians is a farce, a masquerade in its finest. The government’s placatory worked in the past but the people have caught on with the demonical manipulation of the government. Southern Cameroonians are aware of the diabolic and hellish scheme of Biya. They know you Biya so well; you don’t have a heart, love doesn’t exist in your dictionary, you don’t care about the people of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroonian have been bleeding for so long, you have seen themcry with blood dropping from their eyes but you choose to inflict more pain and suffering on the people of Southern Cameroons. They are ready to take this to the end, they want their freedom, they want to be liberated and they want to be happy and they want to smile again. The crying for far too long by these people (Southern Cameroonians) is coming to an expected end; and there is always a time for people like you (Mr. Biya) to be shut down once and for all like your friends who caused untold evil in our world (Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, Sani Abacha, SekouToure, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong II) and many others.

The cause to liberate Southern Cameroons from the fetish and devilish power you (Biya regime) and your cronies have been using isn’t going to slow down, the Southern Cameroonians are just getting started. They are more than resolved and resolute to fight on until the freedom song can be sung in their homeland.


NB: Published unedited