Boycott of Minister Mengot’s Charity Visit: Manyu Diaspora heaps praise 0

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

To: All sons and daughters of Manyu:

The Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee thanks you for your brave decision to totally boycott and disrupt the deceitful Victor Mengot and his toxic CPDM sponsored event in Mamfe last Saturday January 20th, 2018.

By boycotting that propaganda motivated event last week, you have sent a strong and clear message of ENOUGH is ENOUGH of this deception to Mengot, Tabetando, and their evil CPDM masters in Etoudi. They now know that you have finally turned your backs against the highly corrupt and blood sucking of CPDM and their agents who only know during election time. For many years dictator Biya has made empty promises to Manyu people. Worse is that Biya and his Beti dominated terrorist military are now actively engaged in killing Manyu sons and daughters, burning down our markets and villages; raping our girls/women, and sending thousands of Manyu citizens to run for their lives to Nigeria as refugees, all living in very inhuman conditions. As our brothers and sisters escape the murderous bullets of Biya, their hard-earned cocoa, money, animals, petrol and other valuables are stolen by Biya’s boys. It is not a secret any more that these acts of inhumanity against you are, regrettably, perpetrated with the complicity of some of our own so called Manyu elites and leaders.

We want to, by this posting, sincerely appreciate wisdom and the trust you have reposed in the Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee as defenders of your rights and freedom.

Mindful of the pain you have endured and still endure while Mengot, Tabetando and the other heartless and selfish CPDM crooks remained conspiringly silent,

Mindful of the pain in the hearts of our brothers and sisters whose petrol and ocada business has been disrupted by Biya’s murderous military, with the active collaboration of Tabetando and Mengot,

Mindful of the pain you continue to suffer through the loss of your loved ones while Mengot, Tabetando and other Manyu CPDM leaders sat silently in Yaounde and Douala in the comforts of their palaces,

Mindful of the failed provocative and evil acts of Mengot and his friends in Mamfe last weekend, in thinking that they can buy your conscience with a few bags of poisoned rice, and make you to ignore the killing of many of our young people and arresting hundreds of others,

And after carefully reviewing the tons of anti Manyu activities by Mengot, Tabetando and their other collaborators, especially in desecrating our most revered Ekpe for their selfish political gains, the Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee declare as follows:

Mr. Victor Mengot and Lawyer Tabetando have been identified as Manyu traitors. Consequently, any past cultural/traditional recognition and/or titles bestowed on Mr. Victor Mengot and Lawyer Tabetando by Manyu people, at home or abroad have been revoked with immediate effect. These individuals, by this declaration, cease to speak for and on behalf of Manyu people. They are also advised, in their own very best interest, to desist from parading themselves in public or private as Manyu leaders. We urge all Manyu sons and daughter, at home and abroad to see and treat these snakes for who they truly are – TRAITORS! The blood of our murdered young people are in their hands. Tabetando and Mengot should feel free to go to Mvomeka and continue to do boy boy work for Biya and his Beti people, but not in Manyu anymore.

Beloved brothers and sisters, thank you all again for taking your destinies into your own hands.


Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee