Boyo villagers tell of Francophone forces’ reprisal killings after restoration’ deadly attack on police officer 0

Following the crisis that has rocked Southern Cameroons and the solid resistance from Ambazonian Restoration Forces, the Biya government has reportedly stepped up its excessive use of military might to crush the self defense actions by the English speaking communities. Yaoundé has consistently rejected calls for genuine dialogue and the 85 year old Biya has ordered another massive deployment of French Cameroun soldiers to Southern Cameroons.

This weekend has seen nearly all the villages along the stretch of road linking Fundong and Bamenda deserted. Cameroon Concord News correspondent in the Bamenda County noted that Southern Cameroonians in the Northern Zone have escaped into the bushes anticipating a military onslaught being planned by government forces in retaliation for the killing of a police officer earlier this week. The said police officer was allegedly arrested by an unknown group of Ambazonian Resistance Forces three weeks ago.  His badly mutilated body was found along the Fundong -Njinikom road a day after Cameroon government troops shot and killed a family man whose name we got as Titus at his home in Boyui.

A native of the area told this reporter that the late Titus was gun down in front of his wife and children. We understand that military action is already going on at Baingo, with soldiers forcing passengers out of cars, and asking them to undress themselves and roll over in mud, humiliating them in an unthinkable pattern. Our informant in Baingo has also confirmed the killing of a lady late yesterday.

Elsewhere in Fundong, a CPDM Councilor and business tycoon,   Njvua Ignatius was killed by members of the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces. The pro Biya comedian was an outspoken and diehard supporter of the Yaoundé regime and noted for defying orders given by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

A prominent acolyte of the Yaoundé regime was heard murmuring privately in Bamenda that the collapse of the central authority in Southern Cameroons is an indication that President Biya is no longer the man in charge.  Last week, footage of a video emerged on social media showing Francophone army soldiers firing from a machine gun into homes without any visible threat to their security.

From the nation’s capital in Yaoundé, the political situation appear to be going well for the Biya Francophone regime that has deployed approximately 35,000 army soldiers in Southern Cameroons and has destroyed more than 72 Southern Cameroons towns and villages.

But the view deep inside the Federal Republic of Ambazonia tells a different story as some officials and Southern Cameroons opinion leaders recently told Senator Peter Mafany Musonge. The complete absence of a genuine political process to accompany the military onslaught going on in Southern Cameroons is instead driving all Ambazonian communities including Anglophone CPDM militants to consider allying with the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Staffman Ntam Charles Ngeh in Bonn