Brazil: Heading for a long winter as Dilma Rousseff is removed from office 0

This is the day that 61 corrupt men threw away 54 million Brazilian votes in the garbage. Violence, unemployment and a very dark future for Brazil. Dilma Rousseff has been stripped of Brazil’s presidency following a Senate impeachment vote in Brasilia. Senators voted on Wednesday by a majority of 61 to 20 to remove Rousseff from office. She was convicted of breaking fiscal rules in her management of the 2014 federal budget.

The vote was enough to immediately remove Brazil’s first female president from office. Interim president, Michel Temer, who had run the country following the suspension of Rousseff in May, will be sworn in at about 4:00 p.m. local time (1900 GMT) in the Congress.

Temer is scheduled to complete Rousseff’s presidential term until the next scheduled elections in late 2018. The Senate had voted to suspend Rousseff in May. Following the Senate vote, Rousseff fired back by sending a tweet saying that “today is the day that 61 men, many of them charged and corrupt, threw 54 million Brazilian votes in the garbage.” Rousseff was alluding to her re-election in 2014, which she won with more than 54 million votes.

During a 12-hour trial session on August 29, Rousseff denied the allegations and called the impeachment a coup d’état. On Wednesday, senators held another vote on whether she will be deprived of public office for eight years after a ruling by Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, the magistrate overseeing her trial.

The majority of the senators voted against preventing the leftist president from holding any public office for the next eight years. Only 42 of the 81 members backed the move to bar Rousseff from holding public jobs. Under Brazil’s constitution, a sacked president loses political rights for eight years and should be banned from holding any public job for eight years.