Petit Pays cancels Buea End of Year concert 2

Legendary artist, Petit Pays has cancelled a concert that was slated for Buea on the 31st of December by Mayor Ekema Patrick to boost the political image of the 83 year old Cameroonian dictator. The US based manager of the artist; Eyong Eyong Ebot who spoke to Cameroon Concord News by telephone observed that Petit Pays was not properly informed about the prevailing situation in Southern Cameroonians.

We understand the artist was in Buea recently where he made the video of his new album “Peur dans la cite’ and was contacted by the Buea municipal authorities. His manager also revealed that the musician has returned the money that was paid to him for the show.

Pressure actually came from pro Southern Cameroon groups both at home and abroad urging the cancellation of the concert tour in Buea by Petit Pays, whose shows often include many local artists from the South West region.

In a statement issued to a sister publication, Cameroon Intelligence Report, Eyong Eyong Ebot opined that ”conditions are still not conducive for Petit Pays to stage any show on behalf of any political group.” He added that Petit Pays needs a ‘romantic environment and not a hostile climate.”

Petit Pays is scheduled to play in France, Moscow and Japan beginning on the same date of the pro President Biya activity in Buea. His award-winning Peur dans la cite recording featured a duet with Bate Nico, the voice of Manyu.

Anglophone teachers and lawyers have boycotted talks with the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government to end Francophone-majority rule in Southern Cameroons. They say the negotiations were a CPDM government ploy to remain in power and continue to loot Southern Cameroons.


By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai