Buea: Ekona women protest and demand for the release of their children 0

Women in Ekona, a town in Muyuka sub-division of the South-west Region, mobilized themselves and protested at the Legion office in Buea, on February 15, 2023.

An unspecified number of women from Ekona, carrying peace plants, gathered in front of the legion office in Buea and requested for the release of their children who were arrested in Ekona on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

According to sources in Ekona, the youths were in a football field as there was an ongoing football match, when the military stormed the area and carried out a mass arrest. The following day, February 13, more arrests were made by the military.

Talking to another protester, she said that, the military made it a norm to arrest their sons and brothers for no reason and termed them separatist fighters.

After spending hours in front of the legion office and putting movement of vehicles on hold, the women decided to leave after they were told that their sons would be released and sent back home.

Residents of Ekona, especially young men have witnessed several assaults from both the military and the separatist fighters, since the start of the ongoing crisis and are yet to recover from the damages caused by the conflict.

By Cecilia Manjang