Buea: Francophone Minister of Defense describes Southern Cameroonians as “terrorists” 0

Joseph Beti Assomo, the Francophone Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of defense has praised the army for the numerous killings currently going on in Southern Cameroons.  The Biya acolyte remained firm at the end of the meeting that held yesterday in Buéa promising more raids and a continuation of the militarization of West Cameroon.

It took Mr Beti Assomo more than 5 hours of closed session to assess the security situation in Southern Cameroons.  He told his French dominated security personnel that from the observation Cameroon is dealing with an insurrectional and terrorist movement pointing out that the defense and security forces of La Republique du Cameroun had to carry out the killings for the integrity of the territory. “Security, order and respect must be observed” said the Defense Minister.

The French Cameroun conclave also allowed the so-called governors of the Southern Cameroons regions, senior officials of the defense and security forces, to take stock of the demonstrations on 1 October.  The Beti-Ewondo Minister was informed that during the October 1 Southern Cameroons celebrations, public buildings were destroyed and some soldiers and police officers on duty were injured.

Mr Beti Assomo told state radio and television that “The state through its defense and security forces oversee the territorial integrity of the country as a whole. For this, no square meter of territory was abandoned by the forces. It will be so to the end. We have a Republican army, defense and security forces have done their job responsibly without losing their head.”

By Rita Akana, CCN