Buea: Mayor Ekema Patrick takes on Barrister Tambe Tiku, says the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom is badly in need of a decent leader 0

The Mayor of the Buea city council Hon. Ekema Patrick has reacted to human rights violation claims made by the South West Regional Secretary of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom. The outspoken mayor said in a letter addressed to the commission that its leader, Barrister Tambe Tiku has discredited the commission’s reputation established by President Biya as an institution for consultation, dialogue and concerted action as enshrined in law number 2004/016 of 22nd July, 2004.

Mayor Ekema Patrick opined that Tambe Tiku has been regularly misusing his office to ventilate personal issues and have minimized administrative processes and lacks professionalism. The allegations made by the human rights commission according to the development oriented mayor were not properly tabled by the Regional secretary. Mayor Ekema observed that a phone call should not have been the medium to contact his office.

“The offensive, abusive and arrogant public authority manifested by Tambe Tiku simply represents the small mindedness and narrow vision with which he handles complaints”. Mayor Ekema added that the Regional Secretary Barrister Tambe Tiku has the culture of talking low on public officials including highly respected Fako traditional authorities. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the Human Rights Commission is reportedly losing its credibility as it has unduly extended its function on the Bakweri Land matters which is completely out of focus.

The Buea mayor revealed that the South West region was badly in need of a decent man to run the secretariat of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom. Tambe Tiku hinted Ekema Patrick is all over the place and has demonstrated a frightful and unloving attitude towards the respect and neutrality rule that binds ELECAM members. In an interview with Cameroon Intelligence Report which will be published later, the Mayor made it clear that Tambe Tiku should return to his native Manyu and practice party politics. Ekema Patrick also spoke of his commitment to implement every aspect of President Biya’s emergency program for Cameroon in 2035.

Cham Victor Bama (Cameroon Concord News Group)