Buea: Population rises against drug abuse 0

The use of hard drugs is gradually becoming a trend in Buea and many youths find it pleasing to get involved, but the older folks are against the spread of this dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

Recently, some residents in Bomaka, a neighborhood in Buea, took to the streets to protest against hard drugs which created many addicts in the area.

To demonstrate their seriousness, the angry protesters went into the various homes and hideouts of the addicts and brought them to the street where they were administered some public thrashing which has left many addicts thinking.

Since the area is not very populated, it was easy for them to be identified and following the public flogging, many addicts have relocated and the drug dealers are also leaving town, aware that the population might be cooking up something against them.

Talking to one of the protesters, he said that after consuming these substances, the addicts get involved in crimes and make the place unsafe for others, especially young people who are vulnerable and still struggling with identity issues.

According to sources in Bomaka, when these addicts are arrested by the security forces, they are released immediately upon bail and it has become a form of business between the two parties, a reason why the angry population took it upon itself to deal with the issue.

By Cecilia Manjang