Buea: Woman dies due to wounds caused by blasts in mountain race 0

A woman died Tuesday from wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device exploded during a mountain race in Cameroon’s war-torn English-speaking region of Southwest, medical officials said.

Martin Mokake, director of the Buea Regional Hospital where the mother of three was undergoing treatment, said the woman died of cardiac arrest which was caused by the blast and wounds.

“We did everything to save her life,” Mokake told Chinese News Agency Xinhua over the phone.

The woman was among some 20 victims who were hit when three blasts went off three days ago during an annual athletic competition, dubbed Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, in Buea, the chief town of the Southwest region.

Separatists who want to create an independent nation in Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest claimed on social media that they were responsible for the blasts.

Source:  Xinhua News Agency