*Burying our dead and healing the wounded – Support Anglophone Cameroon now!* 0

Barely two days into the indefinite non-violent strike action called by Common Law Lawyers and Teachers’ Unions across Southern Cameroons, President Paul Biya’s paramilitary forces have shot and killed at least two young men and injured several others.

With little in the way of self sustenance for the largely unemployed youth population, here is an opportunity for you and me to show our support and tell them how much they mean to us, and how much their efforts are appreciated. It is a generation that was long condemned by La Republique du Cameroun even before conception. If any body doubts it, this strike action is caused by the outright rejection of Common Law by the regime in Yaounde, which is in effect a repudiation of  Anglophone education, culture and identity.

While many have rushed to paint the strike action led by young people on the streets as vandalism, we strongly reject this characterization. These are heroes fighting for all of us. These are men, women , boys, and girls as gifted as everyone of us. But the failed policies of ethnicization by Paul Biya and his marginalization of Anglophones are responsible for the hopelessness that is the fuel for the current situation.

You and I can help. Many of us are giving sacrificially and we urge you to join us. Join us as we reach out to the families of the deceased with some help; join us as we extend a helping hand to the injured; join us build a resistance against this pervasive injustice and the perpetual slavery of the Anglophone by La Republique  du Cameroon.

Nothing is too small. Visit the closest Bank of America and deposit any amount. Please take a picture of the deposit slip and share with me (Innocent Chia 630 901 8400). Then do one more favor: please invite two others in your circle to do the same – only two.

The account name at Bank of America is:

*SCNC Foundation*

Account number is:


Routing number is *052001633*