Cabinet reshuffle: 27 highly paid Nigerian and Benin native doctors to influence Paul Biya’s choices 0

27 occultists from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin were reportedly hired by Cameroon government officials to help them get appointed or maintain their cabinet positions, Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from a well placed source in the nation’s capital Yaoundé.

Twelve of the marabouts were identified as they boarded a train on Saturday, September 10, 2020 to Ngaoundéré from Yaoundé.  Before boarding, they spent almost 2 hours in two restaurants adjacent to the main train station in Yaoundé. For 2 hours, the 12 expressed their anger against President Paul Biya who blocked them in Yaoundé for 3 months by refusing to appoint a new cabinet.   

 The 27 great marabouts from the north of Nigeria and Benin were in Yaoundé to work for or against any presidential decree appointing a new government”. “They came to Yaoundé to work for certain personalities to enter the government. But more so that Paul Biya should not even sign the decree” our source hinted.

The imported workers housed in different hotels in the capital city came to Yaoundé equipped with sound robots with the voice of President Paul Biya and a large stock of mystical products. According to Moussa, one of the great marabouts, “It was necessary to tire the President so that he would even forget the presidential decree… We passed his photos over a salty fire and hit the President especially on his arms which he had to raise to take his pen to sign the decree… Before all this, we launched a 10 minutes of mystical prayer against the new government as a result the President has been to Etoudi several times and did not even talk about the new government.”

As for those who want to enter the government, he furthered “We prayed against some cabinet ministers, we burnt their photos at 2 o’clock in the morning and went and threw the ashes at the entrance of their ministries, we have an oil from Benin that we gave to people who want to enter the government to go and greet the ministers they want to replace … the oil is very effective you greet him, he leaves the government.”

As for their financial gains, they native doctors are more discreet. Moussa said it depends on who brought you to Yaoundé and what you had to do: “We had a lot of money, millions! Working against a decree that appoints or dismisses a minister is not easy! I got 5 million per day, my colleagues from Benin got a lot more”.

By Rita Akana with additional reporting from Cameroon Info.Net