Cameroon: 3 members of the same family killed in Foumbot 0

The population of Foumbot in the West Region of Cameroon is still to recover from the shock surrounding the death of three members of the same Family. They were discovered dead on the 8th of August 2016 in the morning at their residence.

The three included a 27 year old nursing mother Kamatcha Nicole Armand, her six months old baby boy, and her 10 year old niece. Her husband 29 year old Yannick Wanji was found unconscious and rushed to the Bafoussam Regional Hospital where he is currently receiving intensive treatment.

Security forces are yet to establish what actually caused the sad incident but some eye witnesses have opined that they must have inhaled toxic gas coming out of a stand by generator in their home. The generator was switched on due to power failure. However, others have related the death to food poisoning. The remains of the three have been moved to the Bafoussam Regional Hospital for an autopsy.