Cameroon Air Force to deploy 19 Aircraft during National Day celebration 0

The Cameroon Air Force will deploy about 19 aircrafts to take part in the airshow on 19th May 2016 and during the Military Parade on National Day on 20th May 2016. The much bigger deployment of combat helicopters and fighter jets will take part in the highly coordinated air spectacle in the skies of Yaoundé.

The upgrade in number and quality of military hardware and aircraft for the manoeuvres compared to list year is one of the main innovation s in the air demonstrations, The Air Force Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Jean Calvin Momha said. He added that for the first time Special Forces will be taking part in the air parade alongside the air force. During a coordination meeting at the end of final rehearsals at the 101 Military Airbase in Yaoundé, officers in charge of each of the components of the Air Force involved in the show assured the commander that all materials are set and the soldiers are highly skilled and motivated.

The General gave last minutes directives to his troops who received instructions to produce a memorable air show worthy of the tie between the army and the nation in the fight against terrorism.The day was marked by a joint military dinner for all soldiers of the Air Force irrespective of rank, in strict military tradition. The event was presided over by the Secretary General in the Ministry of Defence in the presence of top military officers from other corps of the defence forces.

The event which also served as a ticker to National Day celebration at the Air base was spiced with music from some renowned artists like Coco Argente, Atango de Managa. The general noted that the reception is a symbol of the resilience of the army and the nation in the face of terrorist challenges.