Cameroon and France to sign the third Debt Reduction-Development Contract 0

President Biya and the French Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie, André Vallini, recently held what both men described as “intensive and productive discussions”.  Cameroon Concord News learned from government sources that President Paul Biya stressed on bilateral cooperation, the fight against terrorism and the going-on within the European Union.

Speaking of the Development and Debt Reduction Contract (C2D) with his guest, André Vallini, the Cameroonian dictator revealed that the cooperation formula has been “useful, efficient, virtuous and concrete.”  Beyond the C2D, André Vallini reaffirmed the commitment of France to participate in the development of Cameroon.

Biya also called for greater coordination in the fight against international terrorism and hinted that there was an urgent need for intelligence sharing among countries of Europe, Africa and the United States.  The French minister was accompanied during the Unity Palace audience by a large delegation including the French ambassador to Cameroon, Christine Robichon.

Minister Vallini is expected to sign the third Debt Reduction-Development Contract, aimed at supporting the Cameroon’s development. He will travel to Douala today to inaugurate major urban development projects and sign an agreement with the urban community on the “Douala Sustainable City” project. Lastly, he will inaugurate the new premises of the Pasteur Center of Cameroon for Clinical Research on Malaria and will visit the “Foyer de l’espérance” in Yaoundé, a benchmark institution for the reception, protection and reintegration of children and young people.

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai (Cameroon Concord News)