Cameroon army generals lining their pockets off Southern Cameroons war 0

Senior military officials who are commanding Cameroon government troops deployed to Southern Cameroons are amassing fortunes from their postings there despite their disastrous conduct in the occupied British Southern Cameroons territory.

Six generals including the Joint Chief of Staff Rene Meka and Valere Nka who are supervising the troops now have family relations serving as military contractors, according to Cameroon Intelligence Report sources in Yaoundé.

Our sources hinted that the wives and brothers of top Francophone army generals who are leading the mission in Southern Cameroons are thriving in the private sector responsible for army logistics and feeding.

Through their family relations, these Francophone army officials have amassed influence within businesses in Douala and Yaoundé with ties to the military and are making hundreds of millions of FCFA monthly in a conflict that has left thousands of Southern Cameroonians dead and displaced, and costing the Cameroon government millions of US dollars and will conclude with the holding of a frank and genuine dialogue with the people of Ambazonia.

Meanwhile, the Biya regime is censoring all televised debates in the country over what was the essence of the Southern Cameroons war and who is benefiting from the 4-year war against the impoverished people of Southern Cameroons.

By Chi Prudence Asong