Cameroon: CPDM government and electricity company sign protocol agreement 0

A protocol agreement has been signed between the Cameroon government and the electricity company ENEO for the transfer of surplus capacity from their optical fiber. The energy to be transferred to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications is intended to allow the Ministry upgrade its national broad band.

According to the MINPOSTEL boss, who signed for the government of Cameroon, the protocol will help the ministry meet its electronic communication needs and modernize information and control systems in the country.

The Director General of ENEO, Nana Kontchou who signed for the electricity company said the agreement will ensure the quality at a digital age. Experts estimated the surplus from ENEO worth 986 strands of optic fibre cables, of this, 812 kms is due to be transferred to other companies.

The agreement signed therefore stipulates that ENEO will transfer 78 strands of the optical fibre to MINPOSTEL to improve power transmission grid. If this is effective the digital economy will be boosted.