Cameroon host 17th edition of Mother and Child Nutrition week 0

The 17th edition of Mother and Child Nutrition and health action week was held on the 15th April 2016 in Cameroon. The three day event was  marked by an intense vaccination campaign where vaccination agents  moved from door to door to administer Polio vaccine to children from zero to five years; the vitamin A vaccine to children from six months to five years; while pregnant women  received some preventive treatment against Malaria.

In the Centre Region, the Regional Delegate of Public Health attested that all the supplements were available and used in all the districts. The program was aimed at attaining a hundred percent coverage of the immunization campaign in the Centre Region. In the Centre Region, vaccination agents  visited schools and market places to meet parents and children.

Parents were also told to react positively to the vaccination campaign which  covered the 30 health districts of the Centre Region. The Mother and Child Nutrition and Health action week  also coincided with the African immunization week.