Cameroon in 2024: Concord Group predictions 0

Hello Cameroon Concord People,

Thanks to you, 2023 was a year of unprecedented effectiveness and major successes for the Concord Group. Our ability to cover events everywhere and the reporting speed of our correspondents in all ten regions have been up to the challenges and dramatic events around Cameroon. We informed the world that there is genocide going on in Southern Cameroons and we told the EU and the UN that both journalists Samuel Wazizi and Martinez Zogo were killed by state agents. I thank you very sincerely.

Ever since we moved our editorial office from Essen in Germany to London in the United Kingdom, we resolved not to bother our readers with New Year resolutions. But we opted for New Year predictions and we were right with Minister Amadou Ali, Hon. Lifaka, Sultan Mbombo Njoya, Gervais Mendo Ze and Mayor Patrick Ekema.

We are already in 2024 so who are the politicians to die this year? Which African country would win the Africa Cup of Nations? Interestingly, our London Bureau Chief Isong Asu says that our focus should be on the most notable obituaries to read in 2024. Correspondingly, the 91-year-old Biya has wrong footed us again and again! But this 2024, he will not.

We of the Cameroon Intelligence Report and the Cameroon Concord News enjoy making predictions! But we are also aware that prediction is an unforgiving art. Sometimes, outcomes that you might expect such as the demise of an evil man like President Biya may turn out to be wrong. However, one of our readers in Leicester in the United Kingdom noted rightfully that faulty predictions can be helpful and also entertaining.

So here is what we of the Concord Group have set out as 2024 predictions! We also expect you to identify which of our predictions will turn out to be untrue on December 31st 2024.

Biya will win another presidential election and die in office.

After staging the election that will keep Biya in power, Minister Paul Atanga Nji will suffer a massive stroke and will die in a hospital in France.

Minister Ayang Luc of the so-called Economic and Social Council will move into his new mansion that has cost the Cameroonian tax payer hundreds of millions of FCFA and will die of an undisclosed illness in Yaoundé.  

Chief Dr. Dion Ngute will be replaced as prime minister and head of government due to underperformance.

Minister Laurent Esso has led the ruling CPDM government to its last journey of many dangers—-the Martinez Zogo affair! He will receive his P45 this 2024.

Hon. Rose Abunaw, having been MP for both the CPDM and UNDP political parties will make a comeback into active politics in Yaoundé.

Write to us at with your own predictions. Happy New Year!

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai