Cameroon in 2025 0

In the forthcoming presidential elections in 2025, the front runner is a 94 years old sickly candidate who has been in power for close to 50 years and is the only leader the youth have known in many generations.

The image of him presented by the state-controlled media is far from reality, that of a youthful and energetic individual, rather than the geriatric patient that should be left to rest.

It’s therefore not surprising that a survey of youths across the main cities of the country has revealed that 97% of youths want to leave the country given the slightest opportunity.

This mindset in the youths in every way reflects the success of the 50 year old Biya regime in stirring up ambition and hope in the majority of Cameroon’s youthful population to seek for a better prospect in foreign lands. They are now leaving the country at a rate estimated at 6,000 each year.

There couldn’t be a better measure of the success of Biya’s ruler ship of 50 years, if there were any doubts as to why he should not be given another 7 years term.

Voting will be ceremonial in Cameroon as the lead candidate is head of state, supreme commander of the arm forces, first magistrate, creator of Elecam (election governing body), the real coach of the Indomitable Lions, captain of the Indomitable Lions, player , referee , match commissioner and spectator. All 10 regions are under his command.

It would be another testimony to the enactment of the kleptocratic credentials of the country whose constitution was changed to enable Biya to rule for life in 1996.

By Kcastech Ra