Cameroon Intelligence undercover reporter describes beatings and threats in Buea prison 0

Toto Roland Motuba, who headed undercover operations for the Cameroon Intelligence Report in Buea says Anglophone prisoners have been subject to brutal physical abuse by Buea security personnel.

In a conversation with our London Bureau Chief Isong Asu on Monday, Toto Roland Motuba revealed that French speaking prison guards are using batons and physical force on a regular basis on Southern Cameroons detainees and when they attempt to inquire about the reason for their arrest, they respond with more baton strikes and beatings.

He said that security agents hit the late journalist Samuel Wazizi with blows on his head and face while his hands were bound behind his back.

At one point, a female officer kicked Wazizi forcefully in the back, after which plain clothed men pushed him into a van along with other male and female detainees, many of whom were crying and transported them to Yaoundé” Toto Roland Motuba furthered.

Toto Roland described how Cameroon government security agents humiliated and insulted Anglophone women and girls detained in the Buea prison saying that they were kicking the women like football.

Toto Roland explained that several other British Southern Cameroons detainees were initially taken to a police station in Limbe before being transferred to the Buea prison, where they were subjected to more beatings and were threatened not to publicize their ordeal.

Toto Roland Motuba recounted that over 2000 detainees were mistreated in such a brutal way in Buea.

By Chi Prudence Asong