Cameroon League 1: The Battle for leadership 0

The battle for leadership will hit a higher gear this weekend as the championship enters the second and most decisive phase with matches counting for the 19th day of play scheduled to take place in stadiums across the country. Four teams, separated by barely three points are engaged in the contention for the league title this year namely, UMS, Unisport, Yong Sport and Union of Douala in order of appearance on the point tally sheet.

The point of interest will be to find out if UMS of Loum will continue maintaining her lead on the championship when they take on the Benjamin of the championship, Cosmos in the second encounter at the municipal stadium in Mfou on Sunday. The runners-up, Unisport will also be out to catch up with the leaders when they play host to visiting Astres of Douala at the municipal stadium in Bafang. Third-placed Yong Sport with 31 points as Unisport but outsmarted on goal difference, will also be out to maintain their good form when they take on Apejes in Mfou.

Union in the fourth position with 30 points and Coton sport in the fifth position with 29 points are equally not left out of the contention for leadership. Union will be slotting it out with Eding Sport at the Reunification stadium in Douala while the colossus from the North, Coton Sport will knock horns with Panthere in their stronghold in Garoua.

While the top quartet or quintet will be jostling for leadership, teams below the relegation line will be fighting for survival in the elite championship by hopping out of the danger zone. This is the case with teams like Dragon, Lion Blessé, Botafogo and Cosmos.  While all hopes can be said to have been lost for Cosmos and Botafogo who have so far earned only 14 points and 16 points respectively in 18 outings and Botafogo, Dragon mathematically can still salvage their season but with the poor form shown by the team from Yaounde since the beginning of the championship, it is unlikely that Dragon can accomplish such a super human feat.

Dragon will embark on a perilous journey to Bafoussam to challenge local side Racing while Botafogo will also be travelling to Mbalmayo to slot it out with Canon. Teams in the middle of the table will be seeking to comfort their stay so as to be able to negotiate matches towards the end of the season when thing gets rough.

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