Cameroon lost 67 million dollars to corruption in 2021 0

Cameroon lost about 44 billion xaf (about 67 million US dollars) to corruption last year, according to statistics released Thursday by the Cameroon Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC).

The amount represented an increase of over 26 billion xaf compared to 2020, the report said, adding that police and local government officials were among the worst offenders, with health, education, finance, road transport, and territorial administration sectors being the most corrupt.

“Efforts have been made so far to fight this vice, but we need to step up our strategies. It is true that people are becoming aware of their responsibility in connection with fighting corruption and checking the management of public funds but officials also need to make some more efforts,” CONAC President Dieudonne Massi Gams told reporters in the capital, Yaounde during a media briefing on the report.

CONAC, established in 2006, is a public independent body under the direct supervision of the head of state. Its mission is to monitor and evaluate the effective implementation of the government’s anti-corruption program.

Source: Xinhuanet