Cameroon Military Drone Cameras Spy Biafra Separatist Fighters in Bakassi 0

Spy drone cameras suspected to belong to Cameroon elite military unit, the Rapid d’intervention Battalions, BIR, were seen flying round Atabong East area of Bakassi Peninsula in the morning at 9am on Wednesday 29 November, 2023.

Eye witness confirmed that the spy drone headed towards the oil quarters near the Atabong high sea where separatists have held for some days with attacks and counter attacks.

A week ago, the Black Marine, a militant group believed to be members of the Biafra Nations League, BnL, took control of the quarters after a gun battle that lasted for 3hours , it was reported that Cameroonian Forces retreated and launched a counter offensive two days after on the Black Marine forcing the militants to flee, 24hours later, another militant group Dragon Fighter Marine retaliated the attack on the Black Marine with explosives, blowing a military gunboat and killing two BIR.

Source: Igberetvnews