Cameroon military kills prominent Ambazonia commander in Kumba-Mamfe road raid 0

Cameroon military officials say they have killed General Transporter, a key Ambazonia commander of the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces, in a special military operation on the Kumba-Mamfe highway.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the renowned Amba fighter was killed during a gunfight after the Francophone dominated army descended on the Kumba-Mamfe road some few kilometers from Kumba, the chief city in Meme Division.

Around 4 of General Transporter’s associates at the scene were killed, but there were no Cameroon military casualties, the Yaoundé officials said.

General Transporter was responsible for fostering the growing presence of the Ambazonia Interim Government in Meme Division and for leading anti French Cameroun operations in the entire Meme.

Cameroon Intelligence Report sources in Yaoundé revealed that General Transporter had been on the Biya regime intelligence radar for over three years.

By Kingsley Betek in Kumba