Cameroon: Mysterious snake at residence of former Prime Minister 0

Scores of panic-stricken inhabitants of Mvog-Atangana Mballa neighbourhood in Yaounde on May 29, 2016, thronged the home of the late former Prime Minister of Cameroon, Charles Asale. This followed news that a mysterious snake had been noticed in a tall tree inside the compound. The snake was reportedly spotted at about 3 pm by some neighbours and members of the nearby Jehovah Witness Church.

One of the Christians said after service, they went out for evangelism. They were praying not far from the area when they were alerted by the shouts of neighbours who said there was a snake at the top of one of the trees in the compound. They immediately informed family members who in turn called in Fire Fighters. Even though some people claimed to have seen a big black snake in the tree, many others said they saw nothing. The only thing they could see was a dark bundle on one of the branches which some alleged was the snake that had “suddenly changed into the bundle!”

Also crows were seen flying on top of the tree, with some onlookers suggesting that it was the sign of the presence of a serpent nearby. Efforts by Fire Fighters to flush out the said snake with water hoses failed. After about two hours of trying, the officers returned to base to refill their tanks, while waiting for any further alert. Some neighbours said that the recent demolition of a portion of the fence and structures around the compound of the Asale’s by the Yaounde City Council might have forced the mysterious snake out of its hideout into the tall tree.