Cameroon: Ramadan begins in Yaounde 0

Muslims in Yaounde have joined their counterpart’s nation-wide to begin the month of Ramadan- a period of fasting, prayer, charity, giving and self-accountability. The month of Ramadan which is the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar and the holiest period was declared open by the Imam of the Yaounde Central mosque.

Close to a thousand Muslim Faithful were visibly present to begin the 30 days fasting program after a time of preparation such as the washing of legs, hands and face; with shoes all detached both young and old, rich and poor; some in and others outside the mosque praying.

Meanwhile some were rather hustling for the physical need. A great deal of pasteries made out of corn, rice, beans and wheat were prepared to serve as nourishment for those tarrying from dawn to sunset.