Cameroon Red Cross: CPDM barons to fight for Eteki Mboumoua’s seat 0

The race to replace the Late William Aurelian Eteki Mboumoua as president of the Cameroon Red Cross has begun in earnest. Candidates contesting for the post have begun campaigns ahead of elections scheduled for the 12th August 2017 at the headquarters of the institution. The date, venue and candidates eligible to take part in the elections were made public by the Minister of Public Health and chair of the Ad hoc Electoral Committee for the election of the president of the Cameroon Red Cross, Andre Mama Fouda and the co-chair, El Hadj Modibo Halodou Ibrahima.

According to the press release, six candidates were retained for the race including Abdousalam Mahaman, Akame Mfoumou nee Mendomo Cecile Leonie, Marie Madeleine Fouda, Feutse Roger, Ousmanou Dawaye and Peh Peh Ebenezer. Of the six candidates only five will be running, Ousmanou Dawaye having passed away.

The kicker for election campaigns was given on Thursday, 17th August 2017 by Feutse Roger during a press Conference in Yaoundé where he launched his manifesto. The Ambassador of humanitarian activities and President of the Red Cross for Mfoundi who has served in the Cameroon Red Cross for ten years said he vision is to build a Red Cross of action and proximity which is able to generate its own income.

He hopes to promote the humanitarian heritage by promoting team work, training of rescuers and to redefine the management model in the institution. He will however be contesting alongside Marie Madeleine Fouda, Former Minister of Social Affairs and member of the outgoing executive. She holds dear the vision of the founder of the Red Cross which is to help the needy and increase the number of rescuers in schools and institutions. She also hopes to use her 25 years experience in the Red Cross to attract more partners and donors.

Retired police Superintendent Peh Peh Ebenezer holds that a soldier remains a soldier even for a humanitarian mission. The retired officer hopes to use his experience as a uniformed man to forge a dynamic, strong and independent Red Cross. Former Vice President of the Management board and member of the ongoing executive, Abdousalam Mahaman and Akame Mfoumou nee Mendomo Cecile Leonie member of the outgoing executive also have convincing reasons why they hope to lead the Cameroon Red Cross. At the end of the elective general assembly at the Red Cross Head quarters on Monday 21st August 2016, the new President of the body will be known after the ballots would have been counted.

Source: CRTV