Cameroon shuts down 75 secondary schools 0

The Ministry of Secondary Education has ordered the closure of 75 private institutions before the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year. The establishments were pinned by the Ministry of Secondary Education, for violating the terms of engagement in running secondary schools in Cameroon and for operating in residential homes.

The CPDM government identified such private schools in several cities, including Douala and Yaounde.  Parents have been invited to consult the list of institutions authorized to operate by the government prior to the registration of their children.

The Minister of Secondary Education has also stated that it allows no more than 80 students per class room in secondary schools.

However, the action of the Biya regime has been consistently inconsistent in the educational sector.  In 2014, 85 secondary schools were closed for the same reasons and after some under-the-table arrangements were allowed to go operational again.

By Sama Ernest