Cameroon: SOWEDA donates farm inputs to 63 farming groups 0

Some 63 farming groups from across the South West Region have received farm inputs worth over 25million FCFA offered by the development kingpin of the region, the South West Development Authority, SOWEDA. The consignment were handed over to the beneficiary groups during a symbolic ceremony on Thursday August 25th 2016 presided over by the Secretary General to the South West Governor office, Clement Fon Ndikum in the presence of Dr. Andrew Eneme Ngome, SOWEDA General Manager.

 The farm inputs distributed included food crop production, seeds multiplication, 502 bags of fortification (50kg each), and 110 litres of liquid fertilizers, 500 litres of herbicides, 375 litres of insecticides and 600kg of foundation maize seeds. The beneficiary groups came from all the six divisions of the South West who went through a selection process supervised by the regional delegation of Agriculture and Rural development.

Dr. Andrew Eneme Ngome, SOWEDA GM reiterated that the distribution of farm inputs to farming groups has become common with the development driver, SOWEDA, and transformed into an annual event. He recounted that since the year 2008, the policy to implement resourceful activities geared towards improving on the agricultural productivity landscape in the region feature among prime objectives. The exercise has also involved the distribution of various quantities of improved planting material to the farming population, he said, continuing that through the extension services of the regional delegation of agriculture and rural development, the distribution of farm inputs to deserved farming groups in the region have intensified.

 To the Secretary General to the Governor’s office, Clement Fon, farmers must do well to maximize the advantages offered by the South West Development Authority. The farm inputs are of high breed class and will go a long way to double soil fertility so as to improve on productivity, he said. The farmers were urged to consult regularly their respective Agric posts and delegations of Agriculture and Rural Development on how to implement these improved planting materials.

Clement Fon also strongly advised farmers to plant nothing but the improved materials in order to guarantee very high yields in order to maintain the position of the South West as the bread basket of Cameroon. The Farmers expressed gratitude and promised to make good use of the farm inputs. The donation of farm inputs is timely as the farmers approach the second planting season in the South West Region.

By Cham Victor Bama